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We make any bouquets in any style which is required


Would you like to Make your own Bouquets ?

If so,

 We can supply you with all the flowers, ribbon, holders, trim etc. that you require.

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Topiary & Natural Stem Trees

Topiary Trees & Plants

Life Like artificial  trees in all shapes and sizes !

Add the perfect touch to your home,office,restaurant etc,with our maintenance free artificial natural stem & topiary  trees. Choose from our vast assortment of lifelike tree varieties, including a beautiful rich-toned  ficus trees, graceful  japanese maple trees, palm trees and much more. Made from the finest artificial greenery available, our trees and topiaries are hand-crafted by talented silk floral artisans to bring you the most lifelike and natural looking artificial trees available anywhere.


        Laurus Curl                  Laurus Curl                 Boxwood Spiral          Boxwood Spiral


           90cm                            60cm                      60 cm  1m    1,3 m           4ft   &  5ft'  

      50.00 pair                      18.00                   35    73    110       73.00    99.00


      Boxwood  Spiral          Boxwood Spiral         Boxwood Tower         Boxwood Tower


  4ft  69.00                   5ft   99.00              3ft   49.00              4ft   89.00


      Boxwood Ball Tree       Boxwood Ball Tree     Double Ball Tree       Double Boxwood


      4.5ft   79.00                       7ft  120.00               4.5ft   89.00            140cm    199.00


       Triple Ball Tree             Triple Ball Tree           Boxwood Cylinder      Boxwood Square


4.5ft   110.00                  6.5ft   160.00                145cm   129.00             69cm  99.00


        Boxwood Pillar           Boxwood Pyramid      Boxwood Pyramid     Boxwood Pyramid


        70cm  80.00              100cm  90.00          120cm   110.00        150cm 160.00


           Bay Ball Tree                Bay Ball Tree              Triple Bay Ball        Olive Double Ball


       4.5ft  65.00                 4.5ft  120.00  Pair           5.5ft  150.00                 4ft  89.00


         Sweet Bay Tree             Twiggy Tree                 Twiggy Tree                  Twiggy Tree    


      3.5ft   59.00                      5ft  95.00                   6ft  110.00                7ft  135.00


              Birch Tree                     Birch Tree                    Birch Tree                   Ficus Tree


          5ft   89.00                   6ft   100.00                  7ft  125.00                 4ft  45.00


            Ficus Tree                     Ficus Tree                      Ficus Tree                 Eucalyptus    


           5ft   60.00                     6ft   90.00                   7ft  130.00             5ft   179.00


                  Ficus  v                          Ficus  v                        Ficus v                       Ficus v


            3ft    35.00                   4ft   45.00                    5ft   60.00                6ft   75.00


                  Ficus v                      Kenya Palm                 Kenya Palm                Kenya Palm


           7ft   85.00                     5ft  90.00                  6ft   100.00                7ft  125.00


          Lilac  Ball Tree              Lilac Ball Tree             Rose Ball Tree           Rose Ball Tree 


      4.5ft   99.00                   4.5ft   99.00                    4.5ft   99.00             4.5ft   99.00 


            Olive Topping           Rose Ball Tree             Bamboo Tree               Bamboo Tree 


        4ft  95.00                    4.5ft   99.00                    4ft   65.00                    5ft   90.00


              Fern Tree                Japanese Maple         Japanese Maple         Japanese Maple


         5ft  75.00                        4ft  79.00                   5ft  99.00                  5ft  99.00














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