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We make any bouquets in any style which is required


Would you like to Make your own Bouquets ?

If so,

 We can supply you with all the flowers, ribbon, holders, trim etc. that you require.

 Along with Free advice on how to make a beautiful bouquet


100.00  (complete)


               Lilies                                          Poppies                                        Alstromeria


   36.00  six stems                          16.00  six stems                   12.00 six stems



             Scabiosa                                    Scabiosa                                      Scabiosa


          12.00  six stems                    12.00  six stems                         12.00 six stems


    Spider  Crysanthemum


             12.00 six stems                   Red               Peach           Lavender       Burgundy 




       24.00  twelve stems                 12.00  six stems                      12.00  six stems    


   Coral pink         Orange             Cream               White                Baby pink       Burgundy


           Gypsophilia                                    Orchids                                     Orchids  


        12.00  six stems                       12.00  six stems                    12.00  six stems


             Garden Roses                       Dewdrop Freesia                     Dewdrop Freesia


          27.00     six stems                21.60  twelve stems                21.60 twelve stems


         Phalaenopsis spray                    Cherry Blossom


           12.99 per stem                          not in stock


Vases not included in price..








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